Racing (Sim-Style)

Racing games are games which involve a competition of speed, where the task is typically to travel a certain distance in the shortest amount of time. Racing games usually involve motor vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles. Racing games that attempt to realistically portray a real-world racing event are a common type of simulation, though not all racing games attempt to do this. Racing games are generally divided into two categories. These are Simulation, where the goal is to re-create real-world environements, tracks and physics; and Arcade, where the focus is generally on "fast action and fun" and often include things such as weapons, power-ups, and tracks such as stunt courses.

Submitted by The_cranky_hermit on 18 October, 2006 - 03:00

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season

NASCAR Racing 2003 Season is a racing sim from Papyrus and Sierra (and should not be confused with the much inferior but similar sounding NASCAR Thunder 2003), and the final NASCAR sim from Papyrus (EA Sports now owns the rights). It includes all of the 2003 tracks, many of the drivers, and an engine realistic enough that actual NASCAR drivers have been known to use this for practice.

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Mercedes-Benz World Racing

Mercedes-Benz World Racing is a 2003 car racing game focused on MB products

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