WSGF Ultimate Desk Stand v2

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SKU: 100-D28-B15-v2 (WSGF)

The WSGF Ultimate v2 is part of the Ergotech Group Freedom Desk Stand product line, and is exclusive to the WSGF. It offers a complete upgrade path for users that currently have (or want) three, to four or five monitor configurations.

The WSGF Edition Ultimate Stand v2 allows for extra large monitors to be used in a 3x1 Landscape configuration. The stand will fit most monitors up to 27" (16:9). It will also fit a 34" 21:9 ultra-wide, flanked by a pair of 24" or 25" panels. Additionally, monitors of this size can be used in a "1+3" configuration. "One plus Three" is a separate monitor mounted above or below a 3x1 Landscape Eyefinity/Surround installation.

Finally, the stand allows for a 5x1 Portrait installation using five 24" (16:10) monitors. Please note that 27" and 30" monitors cannot be used in 5x1 Portrait. The picture to the right shows the base configuration - short pole, tall pole and four pivots. If you are doing 5x1-Portrait, please ask for the extra pivot to be included. It will be added at no charge.

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Need More?
If you're needing more, we now offer a custom WSGF "Mega" Stand v2 - which is two WSGF Ultimates merged together with a custom bar. You can now order it here on the WSGF Mega Stand v2 store page.

The shipping package includes:

  • Heavy Duty Base
  • "Short" Pole (16" height)
  • "Tall" Pole (28" height)
  • "Five Segment Bar" (each segment is 12" long)
  • "Mini Bar" (used to mount the "1" in "1 over 3" configurations)
  • 4 Pivots (1 standard, 3 adjustable)
  • 5th pivot available for customers who are setting up 5x1-Portrait Eyefinity

Please Note: If you are planning to mount a 34" ultra-wide panel, you will also need to purchase an HD Adjustable Pivot.

PicIt also includes the following items, which are pictured to the right.

  • 13 cable clips - 3 pole clips, 10 bar clips
  • Alignment Tools - protractor and level
  • Neoprene base pad

Technical Specifications

The stand weighs approximately 33 pounds, fully loaded with four pivots. The base measures approximately 18" square. It supports the following monitor specifications.

  Total Bar Weight 1+3 Total Weight 3x1-L Width* 5x1-P Width* 1+3-L Height* Price**
WSGF Edition Ultimate 60 lbs 85 lbs 25.5 in 15.0 in 16.0 in $374
*These measurements are the physical height and width of your monitors - NOT the diagonal viewable area. Please measure your monitors. **Street price.

Shipping & Handling

For detailed information, please visit the Shipping & Handling page. This page provides further S/H details, including which countries we ship to. PLEASE NOTE: Customers are responsible for any import taxes and fees required. These fees or taxes are not included in the product price or shipping costs.

Shipping costs for this item are as follows:

Cost $40 $150 $75 $250 $150 $175 $200 $200
Ship Method UPS (Continental US). All others USPS Global Priority.

Repairs & Refunds

Ergotech offers a Lifetime Warranty on their stands. Repairs are rare. We can, and will work to resolve any and all issues with your stand. For full details, visit the Repair & Refunds page.


  • PDF Installation Instructions for "Base Model" Freedom Triple Stand from Ergotech (the basis for this SKU)
  • Don't do anything that will cause the stand to tip over
  • ALWAYS load from the center out, and the bottom up
  • After you have the center monitor installed, take time to check the height (before adding additional monitors)

Price: $349.00