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Submitted by skipclarke on 9 April, 2013 - 16:43

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We here at the WSGF are fans of multi-monitor stands, and have been for some time (check out our history below). Historically, we've worked with Ergotech to design a series of custom stands that catered specifically to the needs of gamers. Ergotech has sunset the 100-series stand (which was the basis of the custom WSGF models) and replaced them with the new 130-series. Questions about the stands can be answered in the Stand Store Forum.

The WSGF is considered a "not for profit" website. The site is run by volunteers, and no one makes a living running the site. Everyone on the WSGF "staff" has day jobs, families, etc., and contributes much of their free time to keep the WSGF running for the community.

It costs a good deal of money, and takes a good deal of time from many people to keep the site going. The stand sales (along with ad revenue) are used to help cover the costs of running the site (hosting, purchasing test equipment and games, etc.), paying back old expenses and giving a little back to our volunteer staff. We appreciate your support, in any way possible.

Unboxing, Setup & Configuration

In the video below we give an exclusive reveal and new overview of the new 130-series triple monitor stand.

Other Products Available

In addition to the triple monitor stand, the new 130-series has dual and single panel models - both of which are available in the WSGF Stand Store.